Wheel of Fortune

Additional deck interpretation:

The Wheel of Fortune points you towards a path of both fortuitous and unfortunate situations as you continue your journey through the seventy-eight passageways of growth. This is the level of unexpected developments on your continuous cycle of change.

You will make a breakthrough with fortunate circumstances and take a turn for the better during the seasons of change even though your path to success may seem at times to be a very rough road.

Did you know that "The Goddess Fortuna" turns the wheel during the day and night? As the Wheel of Fortune turns clockwise, sometimes you will rise, but sometimes you will fall, so you will evolve on your journey, but you won't see the beauty in the situation until later.

The Wheel of Fortune represents unexpected change, good fortune and mastery of your destiny. This card symbolizes life's changes, its ups and its downs.

The Wheel of Fortune's positivity or negativity depends on the cards surrounding it. Generally, it is a very auspicious card, but a close look reveals its fortunate or unfortunate influences. The nature of fate dictates that you will experience an unexpected change, a new door will open that leads to expansion and luck, and being in the right place at the right time, but sometimes surprises aren't always so happy.

Nevertheless, when faced with an unhappy event, you must try your best to recognize some potential good in it. You may not see any benefit from a tragedy immediately, but somewhere down the line, the Wheel of Fortune will turn again and open a new door that will lead you to amazingly positive results.

Numerical Number 10: The Wheel of Fortune's 10 consists of: 1 (a new beginning that is ready to sprout) + 0 (the beginning point of your journey when you are ready to experience something new and leave all limitations because you trust a higher power) = 1 (a new beginning).

The Element of Fire: The Wheel of Fortune is associated with the planet Jupiter (fate and destiny). The Hindu word for Jupiter is "Guru," which means "guide" and the planet Jupiter guides you throughout your life path, providing you with a sense of direction and how you approach your problems. Jupiter is called the planet of "Greater Fortune" and is related to your high ideals, your purpose in this lifetime and ultimately to happiness.

Probable Outcome: You will experience a turn for the better because the storms of the past are way behind you. This is the time when you will let go of the past and start over because you are ready to take a risk and begin something new that leads into personal or professional growth and development.

The Wheel of Fortune refers to luck, change, fortune, abundance, and happiness. Above all, it indicates the unexpected: you may receive money, a new job, a promotion, a special person may turn up in your life, or you will experience that lucky break that is long overdue.

Possible Outcome: You might experience a turn for the worse and need to deal with the tornado of fate and destiny, a change that you have no control over because the universe has a new plan for you.

Then again, you might not be able to channel the Wheel of Fortune's energies into your lifestyle because you still need time to heal to find your direction, or you might press your luck and not think something through and experience something you will not like.

Timing: The Wheel of Fortune predicts an important event may occur, with a hidden timing that will take you by surprise