Wheel of Fortune

“What goes up, must come down" go the lyrics to that old Blood, Sweat, and Tears song, suggesting one of the meanings of this card, which is turning points in your life, so if you are not in a good spot, expect to see a change.

The Wheel of Fortune, rife with a lot of symbolism, is mostly about cycles. When I see this card, it's a signal for me to advise you to give up whatever you are worrying about - let the universe work it out. If you are religious, perhaps you say “give it up to God."

So many of us want to have control over everything, not trusting that the universe sometimes needs to figure out the details to get us where we want to go. Astrologer Rob Brezny talks about “pronoia", a term suggesting that the universe is always conspiring FOR you instead of against you.

Sometimes we don't get the jobs we want. Sometimes we don't get the guy or gal. Sometimes we do feel down on our luck.

Without fail, if you program yourself to look at the narrative of your life when you arrive at something that you want, if you delve back into your past you can see how what you thought were misfires or rejections just helped lead to the current moment.

Sometimes landing on that current moment takes a very long time. Sometimes it takes a very short time. When things take longer, to go with the principles of pronoia, the universe is trying to construct the right conditions for you.

Sometimes too, this card appears after a breakup or an argument to remind the person that they need to leave some things for time to heal. “But how long?" some of you ask.

The answer I give is to put out the intent that you want to heal, and become friends with the process, again not trying to claim any sort of control over it.

Allow time to do its job while you are being as kind to yourself as possible, not forcing yourself to be anything specific in any moment, but to be honest and authentic about your emotions, and being accepting of yourself during all of them.