Wheel of Fortune

While some might misunderstand fortune to be good arbitrary luck, the wheel is actually cycling in response to our many choices of thought and action.

What we give and how we give builds a stream of response from life. Once a wheel of thought, intention, and action cycle builds up enough energy, all that we have given out showers back down upon us, just as it has been growing inside us.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that every good thought, intention, and action bears wonderful fruit. Abundant good will comes back in an abundance of life gifts - eventually, when not quickly.

While some actions are seen to many others, private actions and thoughts of good have just as much power, or perhaps even more positive consequences.

Trust that all the good you have chosen to intend, think, and serve is in a 'bank account of good' that will appear effortlessly in your life. It is not only the good you offered this lifetime that guarantees you riches of every kind: this good is an extension of the good you practiced in times before.

Don't be afraid to ask for what you need to continue your love work-play! Your heavenly bank holds a big reservoir for you. If you withdraw from this now, as you continue your good thoughts and actions your account will be replenished! Good multiplies when used well.

Feel happy to use what you now inherit from the universe to honor yourself as well as others with good. You deserve to be nourished. Others love your gifts and prosper!

Life loves those who love life, themselves, and others. As you choose stocks from the abundance of all good, you dissolve into the power of goodness itself. All you need is forever for you. Any old planetary feelings of lack, fear, or unworthiness simply vanish. You take your ticket into Heaven on Earth simply because it is the healthiest road. All judgment vanishes. Good is your way.

Please do not give any energy to those who try to take you down because of their envy. They too can create a good Wheel of Fortune for themselves. You did your work-play! Enjoy the wonderful outcomes.

Stay strong in yourself, regardless. This way you become a pillar of strength for everyone. When others aim to knock you down, love. Carry on.

Are you taking the good route often? Are your intentions created from love and care? Are you asking for forgiveness when you have a negative mood, thought, or opinion? You are doing a fabulous task of participating in the goodness!

If you have depleted your “goodness" bank account, you may be using your intentions, thoughts, or actions in detriment to yourself and possibly others. Not to worry. Instead, use this as reminder to turn around. Ask for forgiveness and begin fresh in this moment, now. If you need support to make this turnaround, make it a priority to get yourself that support.

The Wheel of Fortune card reminds us that all we give cycles back to us.


What am I intending, thinking, and doing that comes from good and returns to good?

What am I intending, thinking, and doing that can be replaced with more positive ways?

Am I willing to ask forgiveness for any past errors and to make a change this very moment?

Do I need to ask life for something?

Might I create what I seek by imagining it already exists, giving thanks, and trusting time will cause it's physical-reality to appear?


Feel the building energy of goodness inside you.