The World

The World is the last card in the Major Arcana. The end of The Fool's journey through all the lessons of the Major Arcana cards.

As the name of this card implies, it not only relates to the journey that you may have been on within yourself, but also travel.

Whether this is a journey you will make or someone coming from afar to visit you.

There is a sense of fulfillment that shows you have come to the end of a journey yourself. This may have been an inner journey and given you answers and realisations you did not previously have. It is as if you have completed something ie. a stage of your life, a course of study or a situation that you have now left completely. This is now giving you the impetus to move onto a new course of action and direction within yourself, or within your life.

If you have felt any restraint around you and what you have been doing, these restraints will be lifted. You will have the opportunity to explore and seek out new experiences and opportunities which will best benefit you. Do not feel shackled or put yourself back into a situation that has not been serving you well. If you do, you may miss the wonderful freedom the energy of the World is extending to you.

You may feel as if you have attained a lot and you can sit on your laurels for the time being, which is true to a point.

However, don't sit back and relax to the point that you forget to use the wonderful energy that is around you, as it will propel you towards bigger and more exciting opportunities in your life.