The World

“Be the change you wish to see in the world “ - Ghandi

The World card presents a very powerful representation of seeking your originality and to have persevered through all endeavors. A great task has come to a completion and there is a return to the innocence and whole creativity.

The World card also draws on emotional highs and lows but collects in the heart. This is the process of accepting all emotions as equivalent to each other, but unique in their respective expression, such as love and hate, fear and courage and so on.

It is important to realize that all our emotions are in some way complimentary to what we express in our life path. If we are living in fear, we may very well have fearful experiences, and the same applies to feeling in a loving space and having all experiences in a harmonious state. If you want to know what the reason is for having a specific experience, then look at what state you are in emotionally.

Liberation can only take place when you have realized that all emotions and actions converge in one place, the heart or the earth. The heart is an anagram for earth or world. When you draw the World card you will have realized that all emotions and expressions, however contradictory to each other, are all part of the same source.

The world signifies a return to the original cosmic Oneness. Now you see yourself and the world as it really is. You may also now be feeling that you cannot conform to anything that just requires you to tag along. You are in your own universal presence of authentic Self, own it!

All masks have become useless because you are at one with your original nature. You are whirling, caught up in the perpetual dancing motion of the universe. All boundaries adjust to a higher vibration for you to connect with in your life and with others who are part of this process.

The world transmutes and releases all aspects through love and unifies expressions of unity. Transmutation is the action that turns lead into gold. In this way, we transmute all that does not serve us by working on our emotions and our beliefs towards ourselves.

The world suggests action to overcome obstacles by changing the way you believe and feel about yourself. These beliefs are anchored through emotions. A belief is an emotional expression that is based on a perception or idea of what you feel about yourself or a situation. The World card requires that you know you can change the very direction and pathway by working on feeling more worthy of expecting positive results. Simply stated, what you feel you believe of yourself and what you believe you create for yourself.

At times of imbalance you may not be able to work on these beliefs in your life, and thus you repeat cycles of beliefs that do not generate any positive direction or outcome. Stay focused on how you feel about yourself daily. You will eventually see that you have more power over your life.

Medicine: The universe reflects your true identity. Be more authentic towards yourself, be honest with yourself.

All is energy, and energy is all. The stage is set for a new beginning or a completion. If you are in harmony with yourself, all events in your life will be in harmony with the universe. You are essentially a micro version of a macro universe in the grand scale. Trust yourself!

Mantra: I am one with the universe.