The Tower

You've been going through some rough challenges lately and have experienced major changes. You may be feeling a bit knocked off balance and wondering which direction you should take next.

The energy associated with the Tower is wild and unexpected - not a card to be feared, but a reminder that a breakdown is often followed by a breakthrough.

Allow the dust to settle around you, and your next steps will be revealed.

Harness the energy of the Tower card. What is the outcome that you do want?

Picture the best possible solution and hold fast to your vision to allow it to come to fruition.

What areas of dysfunction need to be released so that you can maintain this vision? What kind of things are eating away at your security and foundation?

Now is the time to release all that holds you back. The old must fall away before anything new can be rebuilt.

You may have felt that you've hit rock bottom and things just can't get any lower. Take comfort and choose hope.

Rock bottom is where the strongest foundations are built. Look around you and see what needs to be strengthened and rebuilt in your life. Begin to rebuild from the ground up.

How you mentally handle the energy of this card will determine your comfort levels through the changes you experience.

A positive mind creates a positive life.