The Tower

The Tower follows the Devil card in the Major Arcana and symbolises an unexpected catastrophic event which will set the querent free of the constraints and bindings which have plagued their life. When this card appears one can be sure that situations and circumstances not founded on solid ground will be swept away and expunged in a dramatic fashion. Discovery of a love triangle, bankruptcy, a bereavement, a sudden and unexplained departure of a love interest, the failure of a business, the collapse of long held plans, are all possible when the Tower appears.

It is important to note that although the Tower brings mayhem and destruction, it clears people and circumstances from the querent's life which are untenable, illusory, and not meant to last. It paves the way for better times, and to rebuild life on foundations which are firm and true.

The Tower is numbered 16 in the Major Arcana and in numerology the number 1 symbolises self actualisation and manifesting a new beginning and the number 6 represents a point of transition and change. The sum of these digits is 7 which implies progress and movement. From the amalgamation of these numbers it can be deduced that the querent will be forced to carve a new path and identity for themselves because of a transition that has been foisted upon them. However, this will ultimately help them to progress in life and reach where they are meant to be.

The Tower is astrologically associated with the Planet Mars which rules, passions, anger, violence, fighting spirit, and blood. Be prepared for emotions to run high and a considerable degree of tumult to occur. In the Rider Waite Deck a thunderbolt is shown to strike a tower, sending its two inhabitants cascading in a free fall to the ground below. The tower itself is damaged and along with the two characters, stonework is also thrown to the ground. This imagery indicates a sudden and unforeseen event which will cause the querent's current reality to be destroyed. One of the two characters in the Tower card appears to have been wearing a crown which is now falling off his head. This indicates a loss of position and the unforeseen end of an era, established norms, and hierarchy.

In a love reading the Tower is an ominous card as it indicates that the querent may discover that their partner has been unfaithful, has been concealing important facts from them, or in more dire situation it can foretell physical violence. This card can also indicate that a partner will leave without warning, leaving the querent wracking their brains as to what the cause was. In short the Tower in romantic situations does not foretell much that is positive, save for the fact that your relationship was not built to last and it is a blessing in disguise that it has ended. Less commonly however, the Tower can indicate that someone's world has been shaken by the appearance of a new love interest and that it is making them reconsider their current life trajectory.

In a career and work reading, the Tower is equally negative as it suggests the end of a job role, bankruptcy, financial recessions, and possibly fraud being uncovered. At times this card can also foretell that a work premises will be destroyed either by flooding or by fire.

Timing: Generally timing is dependent on card placement within a spread. However, since the Tower indicates unforeseen calamities, the event in question may occur at any time.

Major Arcana: Card 16

Planetary Influence: Mars

Element: Fire

Positive Aspects: destruction of what was not meant to last

Negative Aspects: bankruptcy, physical violence, infidelity, uncovering heinous lies, destruction of physical premises, unforeseen illness, bereavement, unforeseen departure of a love interest