The Tower

A lot of people fear the Tower when it comes up in a reading, because it talks about revelations, sudden change, or shocking events, but sometimes this card also indicates a happy surprise, like suddenly meeting someone new romantically, hearing from someone you haven't heard from in awhile, money, or a job opportunity that was unexpected.

Either way, it often indicates a time that shakes things up a bit.

As for shocking events and revelations, sometimes we are operating on a system of beliefs, or a way of doing things, whether it be business or otherwise, that might not be working anymore. Sometimes we know this, but allow the situation to proceed anyway, because we don't want to take action, either for fear of the results, or sometimes out of comfortability or complacency. This is when the universe steps in to shake things up FOR you, so that you are forced figure out a better way for yourself. This might be unpleasant at first, but once you figure things out, if you adjust your perspective and act from a position of gratitude, you will see that these changes are good for you.

If you are feeling complacent and know a change is to be made, let this be a wake up call to start taking action, before something happens to force you to make the changes you need.

Whether you are going through an unpleasant time for the reasons above, or because of another kind of shock or unexpected event, the first thing to remember is to breathe. Reach out to others who can offer help, whether that means lending you a supportive ear, or being able to help you with whatever else you may need. You do not need to take everything on alone, and shouldn't. Reaching out to others will help balance you and enable you to keep moving forward feeling steady. If you don't have anyone close to you, look into support groups, whether locally or online.

Also remember to take everything ONE STEP AT A TIME. Don't worry about days, weeks, months, or years from now. Focus on what you can do today, who you can talk to today, what you might need for today. The more you focus on what's practical and in front of your face, the more you will be able to build the foundation to think on a larger scale.

If this card is indicative of a happy surprise, like a proposal, a new love interest, money, unexpected communication, enjoy it, but also remember to breathe and take things one step at a time.