The Tower

A Tower is so far up in the sky that it may look very alone. The word 'tower' brings up images of a physical structure.

The card itself can refer to any false premise upon which we are living our lives. During a Tower period we may feel some aloneness. This can pass.

The Tower can be a philosophy, religion, spiritual path, set of beliefs, lifestyle, practice, or method that turns out to be an illusion.

When we pick the Tower, we are ready for clearer understanding of life and our role in life. Beliefs and ways of participating we once held as true have proved false.

We are gifted with the opportunity to take a new road, change our mind, open our heart beyond attachment. We are fortunate to be entering new territory that is more valuable.

While coming to terms with the errors in what we once trusted, we may feel shaky, unsettled, very disappointed and deeply sad. As we embrace all these feelings with tender compassion, we move along toward healthier and happier ground.

Are you sensing lack of cohesion in what appeared to be accurate? Is there a feeling that what you believed isn't true after all? Is trust challenged? It's all okay.

Life is a twisting journey. We are going to find out that some of our beliefs are false. We are going to feel betrayed at times. The passages can be painful but ultimately open us up to greater good. Stay focused on what you most seek and it shall be yours. This experience will clear out anything in the way.

If you fight the Tower's fall, there is going to be devastating disillusionment. Because you could not figure the lesson out, life is building intensity around this event. What is not for your highest and happiest success will crumble.

You may be shocked. This alarm may be hard to accept but it shall pass. This is happening to bring you to a better experience.

Be clear on what you seek. Is it spiritual awakening, prosperity, wellness, love, or all four? Ask for abundance and abundance is yours to give and receive. The other side of this disruptive situation is good if you stay clear on your intentions! If you can allow release, new good shall arrive.

The Tower card indicates a time of immense changes. Ask that these changes occur with love and kindness. Allow your ride to take you to something even better!


What have I held on to that is aiming to be released?


Focus on the place inside you that knows all is well. Find the place inside you that knows peace is constant as the weather of change comes and goes. If this is difficult, focus on times of peace in the past, to remind your body that peace remains available now.