The Tower

The old foundation is starting to crumble and show signs of some serious wear and tear.

The Tower signifies a period of time when events outside of your control are likely to take place. These events are oftentimes disruptive, chaotic, and life-altering on a grand scale. While these sudden changes can feel jarring, it's important to remember that they are happening for a reason.

In order for a beautiful new house to be built, the land must first be cleared.

Clearing the land and starting over from scratch isn't always easy, but we have to accept that nothing can stay the same forever.

General Readings

When you receive the Tower in a general reading, you're being called to release the past and start a new chapter of your life. Something is no longer aligned, and now is the time to correct that imbalance. Even though it can feel very challenging, try not to resist the changes coming up for you now. The more you resist, the harder the universe has to work to get your attention.


When you receive the Tower in a love reading, it can point to a relationship in your life that's lacking a strong foundation. If this is the case, this is your sign to cut your losses and move on to more stable ground. For singles, the Tower can symbolize old mindsets relating to relationships that need to go. These limiting beliefs are holding you back from finding true love.


When the Tower shows up in a career reading, it can signify a shake-up when it comes to work matters. There's likely a lot of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty surrounding your job at the moment. This card is your sign to move on and find a more stable position for the long term.

Negative Aspects

When the Tower shows up in a reading with negative aspects, it usually means that you are now recovering from a period of instability. You've likely experienced some massive changes in your life, but now you're entering the rebuilding phase. The choices you make during this time should be based on the goal of long-term stability.

For others, the Tower with negative aspects can signify that you've been trying to avoid a major transformation in your life. Work on embracing these changes instead of trying to ignore them.