The Tower

Something may be about to blow up in your life. The best advice I can give you is to not fight too much against it, as the very act of trying to fight off whatever is going wrong may make it worse.

However, the other piece of advice I can give you is to try to avoid the situation in the first place and as you have free will then be on the lookout for anything coming your way that has the sense of getting out of hand very quickly.

The very image of the Tower tells a story of things being out of control. Once it has gotten out of hand you will have little control over it. You may think you have the emotional know how on how to handle anything but the Tower is a law unto itself.

Many times in readings clients will come back to share stories of how not reacting to a situation shown in the Tower card, when it was on their doorstep and quite literally in their face, proved to be the best course of action. It pays to observe and it often pays to observe in silence.

If you need any more warning than this to get out while the going is good then I don't' know what it would be. If you feel the need to argue, bicker, fight with someone then you may like to put that conversation off for a while, as the end of the conversation may end up like this image of the Tower. The conversation gets out of hand very quickly, both parties are hurt emotionally and there is precious little to hold onto in fixing things for a while.

Now that you know the lay of the land, so to speak, what will you do?