The Sun

The Sun is generally a positive card with numerous meanings. When I get it in a reading, it usually calls for the person I'm reading for to get some space from a situation in order to gain clarity.

A lot of us sometimes get too knee deep into a situation to be able to see the proverbial forest for the trees. We think that working harder towards a solution is what needs to be happening, when really we need to be taking a moment to step away, to allow our brains to do some work behind our back subconsciously, or for the universe to do its thing for us, or simply to just take a break.

Some people, especially in modern day culture where it's been ingrained in us to go go go, feel guilty taking a break. We think if we do, then we might miss an opportunity, or that we aren't working hard enough, or that we won't solve that issue with our partner, but the opposite is true.

The more we leave space to recharge, to air out, to let a situation even out, the more we are actually able to effectively find solutions, if the solutions aren't found within the space itself.

So how do we get space? Take a long walk. Turn off your phone. Take a break from talking if it involves a romantic partner. Watch a movie.

The point of this space is not to go from one thing where you are overexerting yourself to another where you are overexerting yourself. It is to find a place where you will allow your brain to breathe.

Typically, being literally out in the sun is what helps the most. You won't miss anything and, again, know you are doing what's integral to what needs to be done.