The Sun

The sun is straightforward, wonderful, happy, yes, abundant good in you, for you, around you.

Time to Enjoy! Yeah!!!

Unlike other cards there is nothing to explain. The sun is all good

Life rocks. You win. It happens. All is well. Yes, yes, yes.

You get what you most desire. It happens. If not right now, soon, so feel the patient love.

Drink lots of water so you can flow the energy within you abundantly. Dip into a lake, ocean, stream or bathtub so you can feel this in the most clean and clear way.

Spend time doing everything you most love. Live life to the fullest. Take time away from any complaints, worries, negativity. Blast off. Gift yourself.

Celebrate, shine. Let it be known that all is well. Allow.

Love every single aspect of yourself. All of you has and had a purpose. It all comes out well. Every choice directed you here. Every act of faith in your own heart landed you in this wondrous now.

Ignore anything that tries to call you way from all the abundant good. In some area of your life that has mattered deeply to you, justice reigns. Embody the full bliss that is here.

Focus fully on how good it gets. Use this awareness to keep faith in other areas of your life that have been challenging.

Let yourself melt into the many layers of growing sunshine!

All your efforts have changed your story and the story of many others.

You rock. You did it. Now all this beholds you.

The trees sing. The animals play. The elements dance. Your harmony spreads way out into many everywhere!

Bright, joy, Sun extending from you into many parts of the universe.

Strong, powerful light delving deep through your every chakra into eternity.

Even if you lose the path, you can still bask in the Sun. It radiates 360 degrees!

If temptation from others invites guilt, ignore. You created this. You accepted the help of the universe. You did not give up. Your reward is in you, around you, delivered to you, and for you. This is the time to fully experience the fullness of you!

You celebrate life now.


Give thanks. Dance, sing, or do whatever delights you.


Notice how faith and endurance have paid out. Feel this deeply. Feel every molecule inside and out, permeated with growing light.