The Sun

New growth is seen around you alongside a sense of adventure and play.

You may have been wishing to take up a new venture, or just let your hair down for a while and have fun.

There is a certain innocence and joviality to this card, which means that any bad mood within or around you will not last long. You may even find yourself growing in ways you never thought possible.

The Sun portrays a person who is out to take risks, yet not the kind of risks that may end up in tears. They are so happy and jolly. Their worries are forgotten, and they are just going along for the ride of their life, to see where it takes them.

This is a sunny personality with a certain magnetism to others, that draws people to them. It's the type of feeling you get when the sun is out, after a long time of not seeing it shine, and you realise that you will be able to go outside again, to enjoy all those things you have been missing by being cooped up inside.

It's the type of feeling you get when you have been feeling hemmed in by a relationship, which has stopped you being yourself, and you are then free again to enjoy who you truly are and wish to be.

If you are looking at timings for something to happen then take note that this is a Spring/Summer card. You can expect your luck to change in these months, as your mood lifts. However, if you have received this card in the middle of winter, then don't be thinking you have to wait till the weather warms up. Instead, grab your happiness and luck with both hands right now and enjoy it!