The Star

After the tumult and cataclysmic events marked by the Tower, the next stage in the journey of the Major Arcana is the Star. This card often represents a lucky break being bestowed upon the querent after great hardship but it comes with the caveat that one must take note of the lessons learned in order to make the most of the grace granted.

The Star guides you to new opportunities, the chance to heal and reinvent yourself, but more than that it also hints that the universe is redirecting you on a path much more in line with your divine purpose. What was destroyed by the Tower was very much in need of being relegated to the past because it was a set of circumstances built upon faulty foundations. The Star grants you the chance to develop wisdom and knowledge as a result of this destruction, and guides you to your place in the blueprint of the divine plan.

With this card, the advent of significant windfalls are not uncommon; winning a dream job, the appearance of a soul mate or some other event which can only be described as miraculous and guided by the hand of god. That being said, only the opportunity is available to you. Like the Star itself, these goals are somewhat in the distance and you will have to labour in order to reach your potential.

In most Tarot decks a bird is often depicted on the Star card and its origins lie in both Egyptian and biblical lore. In Egyptian mythology, this bird is said to be the Benu bird, an animal which is connected with consolation and rest after a period of considerable trials and tribulations. An interesting parallel can be drawn between this animal and the Tziporah bird which was sent to Noah during the flood to let him know that he was near land and his ordeal would soon be over. If you need a sign that better times are to come, the Star card is it.

The zodiac sign Aquarius corresponds to this card and it is a sign intimately connected with discovery, esoteric arts, innovation, and inventiveness. Aquarius, the water bearer, washes the past away, allowing you to regroup your inner resources and start afresh by looking at the world with a new perspective. It encourages you to literally reach for the stars. The message is clear; if you can survive the upheaval of the Tower, anything and everything is possible if you put your mind to it.

This card is numbered 17 and it draws upon the powers of both the number 1 and 7. 1 represents mastery, a new path and self-reliance, whereas 7 is a number associated with continual advancement through sheer persistence. The sum of these two numbers is 8, a number that quite literally signifies personal power and control. It is safe to say that the Star steers you towards better times by prompting you to take yourself firmly in hand and apply yourself to the gifts and opportunities presented to you.

This card can be quite literal. Depending on certain factors in one’s natal chart, It can signify the influence of a fixed star or constellation bringing change to a person’s life.

Timing is largely dependent on the card’s placement within a spread. However, the season associated with Aquarius and the Star card is late January to late February. I have seen this card mark a significant turning point at this time in readings.

Major Arcana: Number 17

Planetary correspondence: Uranus and Saturn

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Element: Air

Key words: Hope, faith, renewal, divine guidance, reprieve, consolation