The Star

The Star shines bright in the sky and bright in your life. Your time has come. Life is good my friend! Good experiences, situations, results, and connections may be yours now.

Now is the time to celebrate. Now is the time to enjoy. Now is the time to give thanks.

Of course, life is never perfect. Keep cleaning up your house and your thoughts. We can celebrate and enjoy without becoming lazy.

Take time to indulge in the wonderful gifts life has brought you. Let success be a reminder to stay on task simultaneously. One success leads to another when we stay focused yet thankful.

Take time to remember people, animals and situations who helped you to get where you are.

Thank the ancestors too. Remember that all the good you experience is the result of many you never even met! How many roads were built to allow modern people to enact the scenarios that lead to this wonderful time? How many people have been involved indirectly in all the food you have eaten, shelter you have had, education you have been given?

So many are part of your success now! Give thanks abundantly. Enjoy all you receive abundantly. Let it in. Let the light shine in! Give it back out. Share and gift!

The Star can be shining in any part of your life. If you don't know which part at this moment you will know soon. Couple-ship, family, friendship, work projects, travel, finances, health can all be brightened by the Star of glittering good news.

Are you sensing something long-wanted is about to come? Perhaps it already has. Are you feeling a happy lightness, enjoying the ride? Yeah for you. Are you wishing to gift others form your own good harvest? Go for it.

Are you planning to expand this give and receive flow so it grows some more when the going is easy? Great. That's the best time to ensure more and more stars in your life.You become a constant contributor to others this way.

If you keep your Star hidden, you are closing yourself off to all the good trying to knock on your door. Open yourself to the bounty! You can trust. You can always weed out any details you don't like, but receive the gifts!

The Star card is acknowledgement that all you have asked or worked towards is to be yours in very happy ways.


What am I most grateful for?


Enjoy the lightness and glory.