The Star

A time of peace and liberation is finally in sight. This is a beautiful card to find in any spread, regardless of its position as it offers faith, hope and optimism. You may be inspired to create, discover a new love of nature, or perhaps take a closer look at all things metaphysical.

If we look at the imagery, it depicts a young woman 'wishing upon a star'. When this card appears in a spread it may be time to work on manifesting, vision boards, cosmic ordering or even just writing a list of what you hope to achieve and placing it beneath the Stars.

Your hopes for the future are now more than far off dreams, success could well be within your grasp and you can now feel satisfied that you have passed through the storm and the sun is finally shining down on you.

You could feel lighter on your feet, feel excitement as you climb out of bed each day, wondering what the new day will bring. You appreciate the small things around you like a fresh breeze, the scent of flowers in the air, laughing children or maybe just looking around your home and now fully appreciating all that you have struggled to achieve.