The Star

“I like the night. Without the dark, we'd never see the stars." -Stephanie Meyer

The stars form a path in the sky, the sky is a reflection of our internal world. Do you still hope? Do you still wish upon a star? Where is the mind that is encompassing these deeper internal desires?

The Star teaches you to work on restoring your faith, vision and finding aspects that you can renew in your life.

When this card appears, you are shown that life is about working on that sparkle of light in the night sky and how it is about to become easier and brighter for you. This moment teaches you that your life will be magically transformed with the universal forces around you. Everything is coming together to assist you.

Find this moment to focus on the truth about your internal creative power. The Star is the card that shows you that when you look around you with objectivity, all the elements that have been scattered around you are really aspects or keys to a great path forward. Listen and pay attention to everything your universe is showing you.

In this moment you will feel the silent starry twinkle of ideas forming and coming together that will help you to let go of overwhelming fears. Disengage from what you know you are not able to change and in this movement you become more grounded. This moment is magical.

At this point we can experience ourselves with love, humor, tenderness and sympathy. We access the internal sacred masculine and the sacred feminine within and we are transformed.

The Star marks a point where fortune smiles upon the seeker, lighting up dreams, hopes and wishes with the promise of fulfillment and manifestation.

This card always marks a turning point, where positive energy flows into life like a river, flowing over the boulders of problems in your life rather than through it.

The only thing that is left for you to do is to open yourself to the acceptance of this magical moment, the point of recognizing your own remarkable powers which have always been present within you!

In times like today, make this one a magical experience. Thinking about the experience allows you to attune to your inner powers of the Universe more easily than at any other time. Reach out and connect to your inner Source. Look at a blade of grass and admire it for its unique quality, and this will give you the moment that you seek for inner stillness to connect and embrace a Higher presence, your higher Self.

When you are out of balance: If you don't remember to ground yourself, you may not have enough insight to see past your own illusions, so remember to always surrender in the moment of seeking clarity.

Medicine of the Soul teaches you that you should take care of your dreams. Write them down and remember that dreams reveal the unseen clues on your path. Allow the stars to illuminate your feet and your insight.

Mantra: I am always guided.