The Moon

The Moon conjures up a beautiful circle in our sky, a friend to cats, wolves, and humans in the night!

This card, however has more to it.

What we think is happening and what is really happening may not be the same.

Layers of intentions, feeling, and meaning live below the surface in every person, animal, and situation.

Whether you are looking into a relationship, health, career, a new living location or house, finances, spiritual awakening or something else, time to look below the surface.

It's not that anyone is hiding something from you. It's that everyone and every situation is composed of numerous gifts, challenges, intentions, and details!

Everyone and thing, from a person to a body to a house to a job offer, etc., appears in a certain way at first. But each of these has numerous aspects. This is not bad or good, just the nature of life.

Time to ask every single question you can think of. When you are sure you have asked them all, ask anyone else involved, ÔÇťanything else I would be wise to ask right now?"

When the moon is involved you might not get straightforward answers. This is not because anyone is purposefully telling a lie. This is because the gift of life is to constantly unravel the gifts, the layers, the many realities leading to any particular situation. However, asking questions will give you indirect, if not direct, info on the wider picture of what is happening.

This card is a great reminder to be compassionate and curious with everyone and everything. All of us have complexities.

If you have wandered into the shadows from the Moon's path, you will encounter purposely hidden information. Who is hiding this information and why? Is it you or another? Time for meticulous introspection. Time to be a bit of a detective before making any decisions that can have lasting repercussions.

The moonlight on the ocean water ripples with many shifting shapes. When this card is picked, time to look deeply. Every situation is a learning event which can be very positive when you stay alert, ask questions and exercise compassion for all. Everyone doesn't know something.

The moon tells us to learn more, forgive what we and others cannot see, and keep eyes wide open with lovingness.


What can I ask myself and others about this situation? Make a list.


Meditate on compassion for all.