The Moon

You may have found yourself feeling disillusioned, and rather than fighting this you may wish to stop struggling and centre yourself.

The reasoning behind this is because the disillusionment or the confusion may not be to do with you, but to do with someone else. If you keep trying to make sense of what they are doing and/or saying, you will wrap yourself in more confusion thus adding to your own disillusionment.

If this is to do with a relationship then you need to strengthen your boundaries, and not allow the other person to take advantage of you. The card of the Moon can also stand for lies, deceit, drinking and drugs. This combination speaks clearly about what it is you are dealing with. It also allows you to understand that while something or someone is not making any sense to you, there may be a good reason for it.

This reason may be that outside influences are impairing the other person's ability to see things clearly. Thus stopping you from hearing clear answers to questions which seem simple and straightforward.

Whilst intuition can play a huge part in finding your own inner answers, you need to keep in mind that when you are dealing with this card intuition may be what gets you into more confusion.

You can trust your intuition as far as it extends to you and your life. Use it to strengthen your boundaries, but do not extend it to the other person or situation that is causing this confusion. If you do you only serve to entangle yourself in more disillusionment.