The Magician

The Magician is the masculine aspect of creativity, representing the first real steps toward actual growth. He is the action and the drive behind all creative forces.

When he comes to you in a reading, ask yourself if there is more you can be doing to actively achieve your dreams.

What magic lies dormant within you? What tools are at your disposal? What powers do you really have?

The Magician is associated with the number 1, representing that the very beginning steps to change are taking place. Perhaps you are at a crossroads in life where you are needing to think quickly and come up with an answer on the spot.

When the Magician shows up it is a good sign that not only luck but talent and skill are on your side. He reminds you that you are a powerful being, in more than one way. You have many resources and talents available to you if you can think outside of the box.

He is a conduit and a channel who pulls power in from the Universe and manifests it on the physical plane. He arrives as a reminder to you that you also have the ability to utilize the power of the Universe to manifest your dreams.

You are the creator of your own reality and can utilize Universal Energy. Remember the Universal Laws, like the law of attraction and the law of gratitude. Remember that your thoughts and emotions are important building blocks when it comes to creating the life that you want.

The Magician is powerful because he is balanced and stable in all 4 suits of the Tarot and their corresponding facets of life: the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

He is a good omen that you are on your way to manifesting your desires and fulfilling your goals. Look within and gather up all your resources and talents.

Remember to be creative, and that imaginative thinking is key to your success. Remember to stay grounded, and balanced.

Use the magic and ancient wisdom stored within you. Something miraculous can happen when you realize that you have more power than you think!