The Magician

Behold the Magician, whose penetrating eyes looking directly ahead speak of his unassailable self-assurance, determination, and courage.

Before him on his altar lie a pentacle, a sword, a chalice, and a staff - thus symbolising the elements which compose our material world and over which he has command.

Above his head is the moebius, the figure 8 symbol which indicates his spiritual connection to the never-ending cosmos (sometimes referred to as the infinite mind or universal intelligence) and the cycles of creation and destruction. To seemingly disparate and crude matter, the Magician can give form and life. In his right dominant hand he adroitly wields his wand, reaching the heavens, drawing down cosmic energy while his left hand points to the ground. By way of this posture, the Magician alludes to the indissoluble link between the spiritual realm and the material plane. He teaches us that all matter, visible or invisible, is connected.

The astrological influence of the Magician is the planet Mercury. Trade, mental processes, communication, acquisition of knowledge, prophecy and divination all lie within the scope of Mercury’s wholesome qualities. It must, however, be noted that the shadow side of Mercury aligns itself with the energy of falsehood, illusion, calculated deception, and a fertile mind bent to wickedness. Like the metal which bears its namesake, Mercury can show a nature which is unpredictable at best and evasive at worst.

This card is noted as 1 in the Major Arcana and in numerology this embodies the energy of self first, mastery, self-realisation, and the seed of creation.

On a personal level, when the Magician card shows in your reading, it indicates that you are about to become master of your skillset; you are in the mindset to achieve self-determination and you have all the attributes at your disposal to achieve total success. This card encourages you to trust in yourself, to cultivate self-confidence and as a direct consequence, you will be on top of your game. It is however worth heeding the caution to take care to not be so focused on your own desires at the expense of the well-being of others.

As a third party in a reading the Magician represents a talented wordsmith, a peerless professional who can turn the wheel of fortune in your favour in spite of difficult circumstances. This being said, the Magician is both skilled and manipulative. Do be sure that the person you are dealing with is honestly representing themselves and is not a silver-tongued charlatan. Remember, the Magician has command over the elements; be careful that he does not unjustly take command of you.

Timing: The planet Mercury takes 15 days to change signs, so expect your event to take place within this time frame.

Major Arcana: Card 1

Planetary Influence: Mercury

Element: Air

Quality: Mutable

Keywords: Self-realisation, skill, achievement, mastery, knowledge, intellectual agility, alchemy, illusion