The Magician

Our understanding of the Magician may come from childhood birthday parties.

The archetypal Magician takes magic to a different level and lives in everyone.

You have innate capacity to work with life artistically. You can receive the benevolent help life offers. You can set intentions for happier manifestations. Receiving life's gifts while clarifying intentions creates positive magic.

Balance your will with Universal will for good outcomes. The universe can provide far happier outcomes than what you imagine. When you playfully allow the universe to know your desires, rather than force these desires to happen, life brings bounty.

The Magician doesn't wait for life to dictate. He chooses his intentions. The Magician doesn't force life to fit this path. He allows life to transform, then rebalances the design for ultimate good. But without intentions, life cannot recognize your true desire. An intention can be very simple. For example, I intend to experience ___________ (love, prosperity, or wellness). This allows life endless options for orchestrating your good.

Are you allowing yourself to be an artist in your own life? Are you blaming circumstances? Is it time to remind yourself that changing your thoughts can change circumstances?

This card urges you to remember how powerful you are. It invites you to be responsible with thoughts. It reminds you to eliminate forceful tactics, using gentle shifting of your thoughts instead.

Life allows you to recreate, add new ways, subtract non-working ways. You have an unlimited set of new approaches available to you at all times. The universe offers an unlimited bank account of any thought, emotion, or inspired quality you desire! Examples of inspired qualities are unconditional love, unconditional peace and unconditional fun!

If you are surrounded by negative energy, magic can consciously or unconsciously be used against you. Perhaps you are practicing resentment as a habit. Maybe you are chronically complaining. Look at habits that take you down. Trade them in for habits that uplift.

Think about what you wish to experience. How will it feel? What will it look like? If you were experiencing your desire right now, how would you describe the experience to a best friend?

Listening to benevolent magic inside ourselves can bring about timely guidance. When we feel deeply guided from within, benevolent magic naturally occurs. Our actions may seem odd to others, while leading us into very good experiences. Later on, others admire this.

If you picked the Magician, it is time to look into thoughts, feelings and happy spiritual practices. Action and effort can take less of a priority. Recreate the maps of thought inside yourself. Supported actions will naturally follow.


What emotional reality am I seeking? Am I examining my thoughts? Changing limiting beliefs can cause emotions to become happier.

What mental reality am I seeking? Am I being forceful or changing my thoughts with self-love?

What physical reality am I seeking? In addition to proper exercise and diet, am I asking the magic inside to help me for the highest good?

What spiritual reality am I seeking? Am I asking all forces of good to support my experiences?

Am I open to something even better than my ideas of what will please me? Ask the inner magician via the Light to help!


Meditate on the wonderful gift of miracles we all take for granted. Breath is a miracle. Being alive is a miracle. Digestion is a miracle. Having feet and toes is a miracle. As life can create these miracles, what else might life create when we ask the Magician to orchestrate our greatest good?