The Magician

“'We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are." - Anais Nin (Paraphrase of The Talmud)

The Magician represents the center of the balance that is the natural universal law that exists within all of us as the little voice of reasoning when we want to do something or the helping hand that comes to us when we least expect it.

Magical moments are always there for you.

You have chosen this card because you are reminded that you have selected the right path of using your own internal power, a path that must be maintained while you are expressing your intellectual and higher consciousness.

The Magician is the Thinker, facing downwards, concentration of the four properties of creation. He denotes the Mercurial Mind, fast and active thoughts that imagine fantastical things, sometimes inventions, or provides divine inspiration to write that song. The Mercurial Mind also refers to Hermes, representing the agility of the mental state, how we use our intellect to traverse our ideas, the inception of thought, the very beginning, when we imagine what we want to create.

He represents consciousness, action and creation. He's the symbol for the idea of manifestation - the possibility of making an idea come true. He gives meaning and direction to life.

We identify with the Magician, because it is our responsibility to work out what is certainty and what are mysteries. By questioning everything that is not just external but internal, we work on the internal balance of our thoughts and actions. We need to love ourselves to feel whole. Wholeness is the opposite of lacking, and what we lack we try to fill constantly.

We are reminded of new beginnings, releasing old cycles to form new ones. We see how we let go of the past and old beliefs while embracing new adventures, new opportunities, testing our inventiveness. We are asked to come up with new ideas and to learn about our own self-reliance

In Readings the Magician says "Let's begin!" Being aware of our limitations, we put things to action, discover what perfection is and know what imperfection is. Find out how they are intertwined, become aware of what it is that is flowing through you. The energy of the Magician suggests that you need to consider where you want to go, the direction of your intentions. Have a Consideration for every thought as an act as creation. Keep your intention in mind, infusing it with how you feel about it.

We are urged to look within, to create with positive charge. Our Mercury Mind encompasses our philosophy and wisdom; this is the highest form of thought and expression.

Our Medicine: Action with intent is an aspect that will help us find more balance and clarity within ourselves, even when we perform the most mundane task.

Ask: "Is there something around us? Are there some things in the universe that we can never know? And if that is the case, what do we do if we are confronted with eternal mysteries that can't be resolved? Do we turn to old beliefs or old habits when we feel afraid? Do we feel threatened when our life path is hindered by obstacles? Do we feel safe when we feel that our external beliefs are set something that we can touch, we only trust what we see? Do we do see the world as we want to see it?"

Love yourself and stay true to who you are. Have the freedom to know that true humanity lies within the acknowledgement of the balance in your heart and your mind.

At times of imbalance: Being overly focused on either the mind and thoughts or only the feelings can make us feel out of balance and so we lose sight of the natural flow of the universe which is ultimately the consciousness.

Mantra: I create with love and wholeness.