The Lovers

The Lovers card is always a delightful one to see! It suggests that love is playing a dominant part in your life.

In some old decks this card was not called The Lovers. It was 'The Love Card' and was not always about a couple in love, but rather one person feeling and experiencing Love in many forms.

The current Lovers represent love and the harmony and commitment behind relationships. It is often looked at as a good omen for your love life.

Since this card focuses on partnership and establishing balance within a partnership, it's often a good sign that your relationship will soon experience a positive shift! You may soon be feeling and experiencing your romantic relationship on a whole new deeper level as well as gaining an understanding of which form of partnership works for you.

The Lovers represents soulful love, and feeling love straight from the heart. It represents strong connections and the presence of a soul mate or twin flame. It suggests unions and partnerships and is sometimes a sign of a coming marriage.

It may also point to a large scale choice that is upon you, one that could be life-changing. This choice may be something that has weighed heavy on your heart for some time or has a lot of emotional value.

This card is a reminder to check in with yourself. How does your choice feel within your body? Remember to do all things with love and positive intention.

It's important to remember that The Lovers isn't only about romantic love between partners, but love in general! It has also been known as 'The Love Card', because it represents divine love. Establish peace and harmony within yourself, and learn to truly love you.

Before anyone else can properly love you, you must first love yourself.

The Lovers represents both love and choice. Truly, love is a choice. Loving someone doesn't mean the butterflies will stay, and that there will never be bad days. Love is choosing to stay with someone despite the bad days! Love is active choice. You must constantly choose love.

Love is the strongest force there is. Remember to do all things with love.