The Lovers

The Lovers card is always a delightful and welcome one to see. Whether in your relationships, family life, career or creative pursuits, love is about to enter your life.

In many old decks this card was not called The Lovers. It was instead called the Love card, meaning this was not just about romantic emotions but rather feeling and experiencing Love in many forms.

You might notice an influx of opportunities soon that will lead you to greater love. This could show up as self love, fulfillment in your career, or just an overall renewed fondness for life. This card can also reflect the energy of a union or a partnership. It might be that you are making peace with parts of yourself and coming back to the Self in a form of self-union. This can also mean new unions within the workplace, new friendships and of course new romantic relationships.

The Lovers is known for it's meaning of love and the harmony and commitment of loving partnerships and marriages. It is often looked at as a good omen for your love life. If you've been single for a while, you might be meeting someone new soon! If you are in a committed relationship, this could mean the deepening of your bond, or the relationship moving to a new level.

This is a good sign that your relationships will soon experience a positive shift! You may soon be feeling and experiencing your romantic relationship on a whole new level. A wedding or marriage could be in your future.

The Lovers represents soulful, strong connections and love that is felt from the heart. This card reflects the energies of the heart chakra. Meditating and focusing on the 4th energy center, aka the heart chakra, can be a powerful way to attract love into your life. Our heart is what fuels our aura/bio field which draws in all that is in alignment to us. Harmonizing your own energy can often help bring other situations into balance.

This card can also point to a large scale choice that is upon you, one that could be life-changing. This choice may be something that has weighed heavy on your heart for some time or has a lot of emotional value. This card is a reminder to check in with your body and your heart center. How do your choices feel within your body? Remember to do all things with love and positive intention.

The Lovers represents both love and choice. Truly, love is a choice. Loving someone doesn't mean the butterflies will stay, and that there will never be bad days. Love is choosing to stay with someone despite the bad days.

It's important to remember that The Lovers isn't only about romantic love between partners, but love in general! It represents divine love, the secret fuel behind our manifestations. Establish peace and harmony within yourself and learn to truly love you.

If you feel unsure, remember the love that governs the universe. You are supported and loved, even when you can't always see it. Love is the strongest force there is. Remember to do all things with love and it will be reflected back to you.