The Lovers

When I was first learning tarot, I always thought The Lovers meant literally lovers, and love, but have later learned that it is a card that presents itself as choice.

When we hear psychic readings, it's easy to get caught up thinking that what we hear is something set in stone when it isn't. We have our own agency, and there are always multiple paths available to us.

What we pick up in readings is mainly one path, and one that matches your most current energy.

But again, you always have the power at your fingertips to create what you want. You always have a choice to follow and do what you want, because free will is real.

Knowing that we have our own power can sometimes be daunting if we don't harness it. And if we find that we are living in troubled times, it's easy to think that maybe someone or some thing can come in and fix everything for us, while we sit and wonder if we'll ever be happy. But, we always have the choice to make things and happiness happen for ourselves.

I'm a big fan of the law of attraction - not in the surface way of just positive thinking, but in the way that you manifest more of what you focus on.

So the more you choose to focus on abundance, the more you choose to focus on making yourself whole and happy, the more all those things will start surrounding your life. But again, know that this is on you and is a choice you have to make and own every day.

Like I explain in The Hierophant card, if you aren't sure which way to turn, ask for help from somewhere. Maybe it's a self-help book, maybe it's a person you admire, maybe it's an old teacher, or a doctor. Set yourself up with the tools you need to move forward, and you will start building the strong foundation that will get you there.

And remember too, to take things one step at a time. Nobody needs to change the world in a day, but you can CHOOSE the way you want to view the world and your life every day. And it makes all the difference.

So have the courage to choose the life you want, and know that the strength is in you to embody that choice moving forward. Put yourself on the path that resonates with you the most. You deserve it.