The Lovers

Is there something within your relationship that you need to make a decision on?

The card of the Lovers implies just what it says…love. Yet there are other areas to this card and whilst it predominantly is seen as being related to your love life it can also hold sway over any area of your life that you are needing to make a decision on.

If you are hoping to meet someone new and have drawn this card then there is a good chance that a new lover is about to enter your life. However, on saying this you also need to take into account the cards surrounding it to see if this lover is suitable or not. Strong, supportive cards next to the Lovers are a good sign you are onto a winner. Weaker more negative cards are a sign that you are not.

Because this card is associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini you can also look at it as a way to look inwards at your nature. Are you drawn in different directions? Is there something you have been swaying back and forth with that one minute you are excited about and the next minute something else takes your fancy and you are enthralled with that?

Gemini's are known to be good flirts and the Lovers card is no exception to a bit of flirting either coming your way or you dishing it out to those around you.

For this reason take heed when you draw this card on what it is you really want. That tall, dark, handsome stranger may tick all the right boxes for you momentarily but what will s/he bring you further down the line?