The High Priestess

Additional deck interpretation:

The High Priestess introduces you to the next path on the seventy-eight passageways of growth, this continuous cycle of change which will lead you to new opportunities that are just waiting to be explored.

She brings you into the journey of intuition to connect with your higher-self (the whisperer). This journey is related to the time when you need to stop what you are doing and remain still so you can learn how to trust your instincts.

You need to quiet the chatter in your mind to hear a message from the whisperer to understand a mystery, learn the direction you need to take, or to make a decision.

A message will be revealed to you from your higher-self (the keeper of secrets, hidden wisdom and intuitive powers) to help you make the right decision.

The higher-self holds secret knowledge that is stored in the subconscious waiting to be revealed to you through your intuition, dreams, hunches, gut feelings, prayers and meditations, but the higher-self absolutely needs your unfailing trust to be able to protect you on your journey.

Your intuitive guide will help you fulfill your potential when you learn how to wait patiently to connect with your intuitive powers. You will begin to trust your your intuition and resolve your confusion.

Waiting is not easy, but making the right decision is sometimes more difficult than waiting. Your subconscious (where the higher-self resides) will reveal a secret message to you and bring you into a "Divine Moment!"

Numerical Number 2: The High Priestess is enumerated 2. Her path is associated with the time of waiting for the divine moment when a secret will be revealed to you.

This number is related to making a choice. Making the right choice is not easy, but making the wrong choice could result in a karmic situation or troubled times. The number 2 is also related to the time when your intuition is pulled in two different directions. You are asked to wait for the divine moment when you get a thumbs up from your higher-self to make the right decision!

The Element of Water: The High Priestess is associated with the Moon (the keeper of secrets, hidden wisdom and intuitive powers). The Keeper of Secrets is related to the ephemeral ruler of the ocean's tides and connected to your emotions, which change and fluctuate as the Moon goes through its phases.

During the changing phases of the Moon, you may receive mixed messages between your heart and your head - The Red Flag alerting you that something is wrong! Each of us has a gut instinct, though all too often we pay it no heed, only to later reflect ruefully, "I knew I shouldn't have gone with my heart! I just knew my head was telling me it wouldn't work out."

Probable Outcome: You trust your intuitive guide and will wait patiently until you receive a message from your intuition, hunches, visions, dreams, meditations and prayers.

You will not take a risk or put your plans into action. Rather, you will lay low and wait until you get a thumbs up from your higher-self.

Possible Outcome: You do not want to be alone and wait patiently because you feel restless and are unable to wait for a message from your higher-self.

As a result, you decided to channel the High Priestess's energies into your feet because you want to get dressed and get going and mingle with others. Just don't give all your secrets away or you might hear this little voice say, "You shouldn't have done that, you knew it wouldn't work out"!

Timing: The High Priestess predicts an important event may occur within the next 30 days.