The High Priestess

The High Priestess is the gatekeeper of the subconscious. She is the mysterious, imaginative feminine energy behind creation. She is the keeper of knowledge and the guardian of mystery.

When the High Priestess comes to you in a reading, she thins the veil between the worlds.

Now is the time to listen to your inner voice, act on your intuition and open your third eye.

You may be at a crossroads, unable to choose a direction. Your next best choice is to hang back and reflect. This Priestess generally appears when you need to slow down and consult your higher self.

You are being asked to go deeper into yourself, to look beyond the surface and read between the lines. Listen to your gut, your inner knowing and your first emotional response. Trust yourself when you feel something is "off." Take a moment to pause and look within before proceeding with the next step.

The High Priestess knows the secrets and how to access the hidden realms and ancient mysteries, and all you have to do is ask her for the key. She represents inner wisdom and divine knowledge. She has a deep understanding of the Universe and the Life and Death cycles of life. One of the most psychic and spiritual cards of the deck, she gives you the keys to the ancient knowledge.

The feminine energies of imagination, intuition and inspiration are within everyone. Honoring your feminine side will help your inner voice become louder and your third eye seem clearer.

This card is a reminder of your own divine power and potential. It reminds you that you have unlimited possibilities within yourself and now is the time to access your inner wisdom and knowledge. Meditation, mindful activities, yoga and creativity are great ways to access this inner wisdom.

The High Priestess also represents a time period of allowing. Not pushing forward with drive, but withdrawing and taking a step back.

Allow your life to unfold as it should, in its most pure form. Now is not a time for you to cause resistance and friction against the Universe. Resistance will only bring you more resistance.

Instead, be still. Take deep breaths. Meditate. Allow your life to unfold and seek guidance from within.

Remember that your subconscious is powerful. The thought patterns that are formed in the subconscious have a tremendous impact on your life. Be watchful of the things you say and remember there is power behind your words and thoughts!

Take a step back from your problems. Look at them with a clear perspective; remember your higher self knows best. Relax and trust your subconscious and the High Priestess within to figure out the problems for you and, as always, trust your gut instinct.