The High Priestess

Perhaps the High Priestess card conjures up an image of one who has everything handed to her.

This can be very true of the High Priestess, but only because she takes responsibility at so many different levels.

She is very aware of her talents, the responsibility of giving, what she needs to receive, and the numerous layers that compose the environments and people which surround her.

The High Priestess does very well because she is meticulously conscious of all she can give. She is equally aware of all she must receive to stay in balance.

She knows that life is not random. She works with all factors involved in manifestation and outcome. She brings many nutrients to herself to stay balanced while doing so.

Are you being given a generous amount of information to sort out? Are you looking at aspects of situations that others do not see? Are you carefully creating outcomes with your intricately made choices?

This is wonderful. Not everyone has such a capacity. It may feel overwhelming at times, but continue. You will consistently reap great rewards for all you give.

This card honors your care with all life endeavors and recognizes that you choose to be a giver and receiver in all of your life projects. You use your gifts well. You have found yourself balanced within the many facets of life. For this reason, you are admired.

When you live as a High Priestess you may encounter the envy of others. Have compassion. Your heart may feel hurt from jealousy expressed as critique. Via practice and time, learn to let it go of others' projections, these issues with themselves. Stay focused on your heart-born tasks.

At times you have felt alone, but your generous and relentless nature brings deeply loving people to you. Be willing to count even more on those who show themselves to be authentically respectful and loving of you.

When you stray from your chosen path, you deny your talents and gifts. You feel shame and fear. Time for some healing. Even Goddesses need some therapy.

As a High Priestess, you need little advice. You tend to be self-directed, self-motivated and self-sufficient. You tend to allow others to nourish you.

If you picked this card and you are only letting in some of the care you need, open up the floodgates, fling wide your doors! People love to love you.

A High Priestess creates a lot while incarnate. She has an abundance of ideas that are self-generated and put into the world.


Love yourself and others with each thought, feeling and action and take time to realize the great value of this. Take a moment to feel gratitude for who you are. You are quite remarkable. The many little thoughts and actions you take with deep care are a contribution of kindness to the planetary energy.


Meditate on nourishment and love. You are this and do this already in all your endeavors. Taking time to consciously and silently focus on nourishment and love replenishes and magnifies what you already are.