The High Priestess

Often when the High Priestess appears in a spread she advises you to take a step back from the situation and keep your own counsel for the time being. It would seem that there is more to be revealed in this situation than you may know, and this secret knowledge will be worth waiting for as it will give you greater insight into the situation. The message here is to hold back, avoid instant reactions, and allow things to unfold before you do anything rash.

This is also the card of psychic ability, and it may be that you are currently following a spiritual path. It is time to sit back and stop “trying" so hard – let the natural flow of the universe guide you. Your inner High Priestess is waiting to emerge and this will require you to let go of what you think you know, and allow the truth to be revealed to you.

In a love reading this card can signify the anima, or idealised female of the male psyche. If you're a man you could be projecting this ideal onto your female partner. This can also represent a woman who is wise and can give you good counsel. In a business reading, listen to your intuition, your inner feminine energy, before going ahead with anything new. It may be that new information or inspiration needs to come to light before you take action. Look within for this inspiration. When you are in touch with your inner High Priestess you may find others seeking advice and insight from you.