The High Priestess

Your intuition is strong just now and you need to trust it. If you have found yourself confused by a situation and not sure of what you should do the best course you can take is to listen to your heart and follow what it says.

I know that sometimes some things are not just either black or white and when this is the case you may find yourself becoming confused and lost in your thoughts and what you should do. If you find yourself in this situation and you have drawn the High Priestess you are being told that you have more wisdom inside you than you realise.

That wisdom may have been thwarted in some way either in the past or right now and if you think back to a time where you knew you should've followed your own intuitive wisdom in a situation and as you didn't things blew up in your face, then you know that right now you are being given another chance to listen to your inner wisdom and act upon it.

Do not listen to what others are advising you to do as you know what is best for you.

There is a vast knowledge in this image and it can also stand for you starting down a path to further learning based on spiritual and/or psychic studies. Dreams will often be highlighted for you too so take note to anything that has been either strongly appearing in your dreams or any thoughts that won't leave your mind as they are there to guide you.

Act from your heart and you have your best chance of finding answers… act from anger or negative emotions and you may well find yourself trapped.