The Hierophant

Additional deck interpretation:

The Hierophant points you towards a path of traditional values as you continue your journey through the seventy-eight passageways of growth. This is the mentor/student level of your continuous cycle of change.

You will learn the rules and vows of society and during your journey you might meet the teacher who will help you during the most trying times of your life. Perhaps you may hear your inner calling from above, the call that guides you to find your life purpose.

The Hierophant will help you navigate through the most challenging times of your life. He is associated with the sacred rules and vows of society, tradition and wisdom - the Priest, Teacher, Shaman, Counselor or related professional whose education and experience provides sound guidance to help others.

He is also the connection to anything involving large groups and represents the rules of these organizations (religion, work, government).

The path of the Hierophant may suggest that you are looking for the right professional teacher to help you succeed in answering your inner calling, that of helping others.

Numerical Number 5: Being enumerated five, the Hierophant also represents crisis or making adjustments to overcome problems. He can even indicate the revelation of a hidden prophecy, an event that may change your lifestyle and enable you to grow and expand at a later date.

Examples of a Hidden Prophecy: Your relationship looks good on the outside and everyone thinks you are happy, but in reality, you want to leave your partner and fear what your family and friends will think.

You may be seeing a professional because your relationship is in a rut or close to ending if problems cannot be worked out.

The Element of Earth: The Hierophant is associated with the zodiac sign of Taurus (solid as a rock with beliefs and morals) which is ruled by the planet Venus (the morning and evening star that guides you to higher ideals).

Probable Outcome: You will follow a traditional path and conform to the rules of society.

You might be on the verge of getting married, starting a new job or working with a mentor to help you achieve an important milestone.

You might decide to connect with a priest, counselor or other professional whose education and experience provides sound guidance.

Then again, you might be hearing your inner calling from above and want to work in a career to help others who need sound guidance, so you are looking for the right teacher.

Possible Outcome: You might not be able to channel the Hierophant's energies into your lifestyle because you don't want to follow a traditional path or conform to the rules.

If this is the case, then you want to live by your personal code and not the code of others. You may be labeled as being rebellious and an inflexible rule-breaker.

You might have fixed beliefs and refuse to see a counselor, or reach out for professional help. You might even be thinking of ending your marriage.

Timing: The Hierophant predicts a hidden timing might take you by surprise. The timing is unknown.