The Hierophant

The Hierophant, also known as the High Priest, is the masculine version of The High Priestess. This card represents the religious and structured side of spirituality.

Because this is a masculine card, it is structured and conformed, opposite of the free-spirited feminine cards. It is also a symbol for marriage and other institutions we may find ourselves in throughout our lives and represents a desire to fit in or conform to a certain group.

The Hierophant poses the questions, "Are you one to follow rules?" "Is now the time to break the rules or follow the rules?"

This High Priest represents following a belief system, attending religious services, conforming to groups, and staying within structure. He also represents finding your tribe, and feeling safe and secure within this fold.

This card also offers choice. You may find yourself facing a decision soon, or standing at a crossroads facing the choice of whether to follow the flock, or strike out on your own.

The Hierophant suggests that now may be a time to consider your involvement in the established social structures. You may find the need to honor and follow a tradition in your life. You are also being asked to consider exploring your spiritual or religious interests or heritage.

This priest indicates the desire to maintain the comfort of conventional norms. He represents the "expected path" in life, and following social, cultural and religious norms. He shows that sometimes you just need to do what is expected of you, and that sometimes it's wise to follow certain traditions.

The Hierophant also represents education and the pursuit of knowledge. He can represent higher education, and the desire to attain schooling. If you are questioning education or taking classes then this card is a yes for you!

Perhaps there is a new belief system for you. Or perhaps it's time to strike out on your own and discover your very own set of rules.