The Hierophant

What the 'bleep' is a Hierophant?

The first time I heard the word, I thought it sounded like it might be some kind of elephant. Much to my surprise, I discovered that Hierophant was the name for a priest in ancient Greece and ended up being used for a figure in the Tarot deck.

Over the years, the term has come to denote any kind of spiritual minister, teacher, mentor, etc.

This Hierophant walks a fine line between practice and expression. Unlike the Hermit, who can privately embody spiritual states, the Hierophant is under constant public view and must practice what he teaches.

Telling others 'how to do' often gives people the idea that the teller has perfected the teaching. Of course, nobody can perfect any spiritual state. Practice is forever.

This role is complex because because the Hierophant receives admiration, expectation, projection, and scrutiny from the group. The group expects exemplification of everything they are not! The role in itself provides a constant restraint of actions, a consistent evaluation of ideals vs reality.

Are you expecting more of yourself than is humanly realistic? Are others' expectations of you interfering with innocence and compassion for yourself. Is there some heartache in this?

This is a card that asks you to articulate ideals for others while being humbled by your own struggles.

Remember that you are not only a wise preacher. You are also a child, as are we all.

If you deny your true calling, you have lost your way. Power and pride now have the best of you. Time to think about the difference between the teacher and the teaching.

Teachers forever strive to embody the teaching. Their students may be ahead of them, but the teacher is still able to express realities and concepts well and reach others with their experience and ongoing learning.

Take into account how and why you took on this role. Always go back to that initial intention to assist with retaining goodness.

If you are born to be a minister of some type, you will be one. If not, you won't. This kind of a role is predestined, precontracted. It becomes the basis of your service and learning both. It is a role that touches others deeply.

If the role isn't set into the astrological stars before your birth, it won't happen well. It requires many blessings from angels and your council.

If you chose the role of minister you likely have a big generous heart. The path is filled with potential corruption. Giving your heart back to the Light constantly can keep you on a pure track.


What am I here to give?

What do I need to forgive?

What might I be excusing or overlooking in myself?

Where have I been too hard on myself?


Meditate on the neutral light. Take time out from your role.