The Hierophant

The Hierophant is a man of wisdom and authority.

He usually holds a high position of office in whatever station of life he is in. This is not a man to argue with as he knows he is correct and does not take kindly to being questioned. Do so at your own peril.

Tread carefully with this man for he has much to teach and is a great mentor and guide.

Usually his words of wisdom are welcome, but they can also be not so welcome. Whichever is the case, he will have his say and no one will tell him otherwise.

This card is also related to marriage and relationships. It is the "contract" of the marriage and/or relationship you have entered into, whether on paper or verbally. There is a seriousness to this card that is absent, in say, the card of The Lovers. It is a card of tradition and values. There is nothing airy-fairy about the Hierophant.

Often this card comes up when we are considering something serious or profound in our lives. It reminds us of what has gone before, what is coming, and how these two different situations co-exist. You may find there is a great change in store for you, one which should not be entered into lightly. It shall require strength and determination on your part.

If you are studying, or just starting out on a new career, the Hierophant can also be a mentor in your life. He will be fair but stern and will not take any slacking off on your part. You are there to learn and work and he is there to guide you. These are the roles, and the Hierophant is all about tradition.