The Hermit

You may be finding yourself drawing inward lately, perhaps to take a break from stress, relationships or even routine.

The Hermit is a quiet and restful symbol; he represents stepping back and taking a look inward. He also reminds us that turning inward and having periods of seclusion can be beneficial to our happiness!

He shows us what we need to learn by pausing and examining things under a new light.

The Hermit is an active seeker. He is rarely seen lounging, lazy, or hiding. Though he has withdrawn, he is still a seeker of knowledge. He teaches us to look within, to meditate, to research, and to keep expanding our understanding.

He represents time alone, to reflect on your own personal life, your truth, and your path. No one can help you figure out your path but you. Continue to search for Truth wherever you can find it.

The special thing about this card is that after a period of being reclusive, there is usually a period of inspiration and creation. Great works of art are often created after the artist hides themselves away for period of time.

Being alone doesn't mean you have to be lonely. Learn to love your solitude, and make a friend in yourself.

This card is not an indicator that love will never happen for you. Instead, The Hermit is telling you to learn to love yourself in solitude. When we love ourselves fully, we give others permission to love us fully.

Don't seek partners and relationships just to feel less lonely. Instead use this time to enjoy your own company, journey inward and discover what self-love really means for you.