The Hermit

The Hermit calls today to ask you to step back, take space, and find solitude. This card is about retreat within. It is a call for introspect, for peeling away the layers and seeking what is true for you.

The Hermit is about self-realization and release of what others think and/or expect, a card of freedom from the past and renewal of connection to self. He is a reminder that it is time for silence, stillness, and being with yourself.

The Hermit is quietly asking you to take time out for yourself, to move into stillness and let the answers you seek rise up inside of you. This is a card of knowing yourself and finding your truth. Your truth lies deep inside your soul. Take this opportunity to examine your depths and revisit the idea that you must live your life in accordance to what others have told you. Take this opportunity to to find a new path, a path yet undiscovered, a path to your truest self.

Has there been a lot of negative energy moving around your space lately? Have others' actions begun to affect your inner peace? The Hermit is here to offer you reprise, a place of sanctuary. You have the power within you to keep your peace.

Take time out every day for meditation to strengthen your inner self. This will help you when the actions of others are not in alignment with you. Having the capacity to see your truth, and to see others' truth as well, comes from practice and self-realization - the self-realization that you do not have to buy into the drama of others.

You have a choice. Allow yourself the beautiful gift of accepting others exactly where they are, and know that you are where you are for a reason. Look to see inside yourself what the reason is. All the answers you seek are within you.

Today's fast-paced, highly-charged life can oft times overwhelm or overstimulate. The Hermit is a good reminder to unplug from it all sometimes. To take yourself out into nature and simply be alone with yourself. To love and honor your solitude. To remember who you are and let go of all the clutter.

Peeling away the layers takes work, dedication, and practice; but when you put in the time you find your truest self emerges. In your truth there is knowledge and in your knowing there is consciousness and in your consciousness there is bliss. Find your truth, find your bliss!

Today's Mediation:

Find a sweet sacred space, step into stillness, relax. Take a few moments to just be your most authentic self. When you are ready, silently repeat the mantra: "Truth, Consciousness, Bliss".

Say these words over and over for as long as you can. When you are ready release the words, release yourself. Just be still for as long as possible and enjoy the sanctuary that is you.