The Hermit

When we hear the word 'Hermit' it is possible that we think of a shy person who cannot handle the realities of modern life. Or we may think of a mystic alone in a cave.

A Hermit can really exist anywhere. This card represents that aspect of our selves that goes within to contemplate, to experience, to gain life's unlimited bounty.

While some Hermits spend most time alone in an apartment, house, or forest, many are fully involved in the world.

Many have family and even high-pressure careers. What differentiates those who are aware of their Hermit aspect from others is a great reservoir of meditative and contemplative solo trust. They listen to the universal current of good from inside their own heart.

A Hermit is interested in more than the life enactments that come and go. He learns about how to create reality. He accesses and often lives from the neutral void out of which all fleeting realities are created. He finds the deep still silence.

Hermits know that what we see is not all that is happening. They search the under layers of emotional, physical, and mental creations. They don't take life at face value. They are sensitives, attuned to what is living below surfaces. Hermits can often point out the good in those that are altruistically focused and they can see and appreciate good-hearted motivations.

Hermits learn to trust themselves by valuing quiet time to be or to inquire. They know that the universal light gives each one a unique way to wisdom and awakening and that there is no substitute for this gift.

Are you listening to your own heart in connection with the universal heart as your main method of perception? Are you balancing thought and silence? Are you finding that love, wellness, and prosperity are innate and available inside before outside? If yes, you are using your Hermit nature with excellence!

If you are struggling against your Hermit nature, you may be withdrawing to your detriment. Perhaps you are hiding rather than using a quiet place in your heart to fulfill yourself and your life purpose. Are you using solitude or privacy to avoid conflict or pain?

Ask for help when needed. Help is available. When you are looking for the lesson and the opportunity in your situations, Hermit consciousness is being well used.


What is life wishing to tell me about _________ ? (Fill in the blank space with whatever has your focus.)


Look for the place inside you that gathers up a balance of outer endeavor and inner sourced energy.

Feel how creation works with external events and internal bounty in tandem.