The Hermit

There is wisdom around for you just now if you know where to look for it.

It may come from another person or it may be something that is buried inside you and waiting to spring forth.

Whichever way it comes to you listen to what you are told.

There is a sense of “aloneness" or “wanting space" within the card of the Hermit.

If you are in a relationship and finding the other person is pulling back or requesting more time on their own you would do well to honour their request and give it to them.

This doesn't mean they don't want the relationship to continue, it means that they genuinely need some time alone to sort out something in their own minds or just to recharge their batteries. The worst thing you can do is follow them and try to pry from them what they are thinking and/or feeling as this will only make them retreat further.

The Hermit is linked to the zodiac sign of Virgo which is known as the healer. Likewise the Hermit shows that healing may be done on the “inside" through introspection of our emotions as long as we are given the space to do this in. Great illumination can come if we are giving the chance to work something out for ourselves away from the milling around of daily life and others wanting so much of our time.

If you need your own space then this card is saying you not only want a bit of space right now you absolutely need it to get yourself back into equilibrium.

You never know what little (or large) inspirational thoughts will come to you within the stillness of your mind.