The Hermit

“And if they thought her aimless, if they thought her a bit mad, let them. It meant they left her alone. Marya was not aimless, anyway. She was thinking." - Catherynne M. Valente

The Hermit card represents the inner journey of the seen and the unseen, the hidden and the visible.

When you connect with the Hermit, be prepared to learn about consciousness. This journey is the path of the seeker. At times it may feel as if you are alone, but this path must not be looked at as a lonely one. It is the guiding light to higher Consciousness, learning about meditation and praying, a reflection of inner beliefs and the releasing of the older beliefs.

This is the journey where you are steadily seeking more inner light. Upon this path you will gain more awareness, learning about why things happen the way they do and about the inner workings of the issues at hand. Pay attention to this phase of internal processing. This part of your journey also requires you to take a deep breath, or a cosmic pause, re-calibrate and steadily keep stepping forward.

You may have bouts of emotional upsets or sudden released insight. This is a necessary phase of silence and reflection, slowly rebuilding self-awareness, a subtle reassurance that you will need for a later time or for the very deep emotional situation that you may have come away from. Don't forget that what you are seeking always comes from within you, your inner light.

The Hermit highlights our complexities where we are never truly happy in the present moment. We always yearn for what was or should have been and when the next door will open. The amazing thing about time is that it does not exist, but that our lives are defined by moments. The Hermit card brings our awareness to the present moment. All time dissolves away when we take the plunge into the cosmic consciousness, the hidden secret part of our existence. We stop yearning and suddenly we find the answers we seek. We start to see ourselves in everything and this reveals to us that we are the eternal reflection of the macro cosmic universe.

During this revelation we realize that we were really trying to find ourselves and in this discovery we know that we were never lost, that we always had the light within. The seeker has become the light.

It is about the journey towards yourself, the journey within. This is often the last place that we look, because it just seems to be too simple or maybe too difficult. The hardest thing to do in this journey of self-discovery is to look at yourself without judgement. The more you look at who you are, the more you will start to appreciate everything around you, and in turn this appreciation will reflect back towards you. In this moment you automatically clear the old beliefs from the past, because you have the light that comes from your own experiences. You have also become aware of your reflection in the world around you.

The Hermit represents a temporary retirement from the outside world, letting go of the world and its momentary business and involvement, letting go of the beliefs and the perceptions for a while. This is the transition from the outer world towards the inner world.

During this time you may be feeling quiet or a little bit introverted, but you are on an introspective journey and you are meant to enjoy the quiet silence of the inner journey, the inner voice in the the silence of the discovery.

This is the time of the introspective journey where you can become practical, taking long walks in a park and to simply look at everything around you without thinking, practice no thinking.

Find the retreat for a moment from the world and its constructed beliefs, break down the constructs that form your own beliefs, do away with what does not serve you anymore, make a list of things that you are grateful for, and read them out loud to yourself.

Meditate in a moment of no thinking. It helps to look and observe and to feel your connection to that particular moment. Switch off everything. The more you do this, the more rebellious you will feel, because you have connected with the greater you, the Sacred Consciousness.

When you are feeling out of balance you may feel afraid of being on your own. This fear is often exaggerated, especially when you are forced to look at who you are. This is very hard when you have never connected with the true you or have not cleared out the past. During these times you may also switch off your emotions and become numb and too self-absorbed to connect with the world, let alone yourself. It can also be said that if you retreat too often, all intentions are directed to escapism and instead of taking the necessary journey, you become more isolated because you are in fact running away from the world and yourself.

Medicine: You see the delusional activities of the world at times. You are aware that you should not run from these activities, because this will mean that you do so out of fear. Look at this moment and decide to step back, focus, and recognize your inner light. Realize your own mental maturity and celebrate this inner light. When you go into the cave to be reborn again figuratively, a new light is seen.

Mantra: I am light.