The Hanged Man

Hearing the term 'Hanged Man' can conjure up someone being punished for a horrendous crime

Let this thought go. The Hanged Man most likely got himself in this position. He actually looks serene.

The Hanged Man is at an illuminating crossing point in his life. He sees that his methods do not work. He has relinquished will to the universal intervention of the light! What a relief!

Everyone has reached the Hanged Man state at least once. We start this way at birth. The easiness of the womb is replaced with the sudden reality of being dependent on everyone but ourselves.

In a positive life, even intentions that worked well for a while can become overused, addictive, stale, or manipulative, thus creating imbalances. What was once the gift of life can become corrupted.

The Hanged Man is wise enough to realize that he needs much more help than his own mind can supply. He is intelligent enough to see that his willpower, his old ways, and his current beliefs are no longer sourcing his growth or well-being. He gives himself up. He takes a rest to let life re-inform him and take over.

When you pick the Hanged Man, you are on a brilliant road. Though new ways are not yet clear, old ways are being washed away. The effort it took for a long time can be released. You are your own hammock of rest, relaxing so life can help you. Bravo!

Did you recently realize that your way had to be abandoned for something better? Or are you heading towards this realization now? Did tension and strain leave with this decision? If not, it will soon.

Are you now feeling at ease even though your circumstances look daunting from the outside? Good! If not, you are likely to experience all this in the near future. When you pick the Hanged Man, you have already made this step, or are about to. There is nothing more to do for now.

Often the Hanged Man appears following a series of conversations or experiences that leave us angry, befuddled, or devastated. At some point we stop blaming, fixing, pushing, or convincing. We relinquish our steering wheel back to the universal light. This can only lead to joy, ease, and bigger triumphs later!

If you are fighting the Hanged Man energy, you will be forced to release your control eventually. Until then your pain and misfortune will intensify and increase.

Have you given up or is it time to do so? Can you accept that the outcome is not in your hands?


Nothing to think about or do. Let the light take over.


Enjoy the fresh breeze.