The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man. Sounds quite sinister, but look at the artwork on the card. This is not someone hanging from the hangman's noose. It isn't about a death sentence. This image shows someone hanging from one foot! Imagine yourself in that position. It would take a mammoth effort to free yourself, you would feel pretty hopeless. In some decks there are coins on the floor - because all the money has fallen out of your pockets. What a terrible situation to find oneself in!

Sometimes when we don't have a clue what to do for the best we simply do nothing. You may feel full of self pity, restricted by life's limitations, real or imagined. Perhaps you feel that your life is going nowhere or that your options are limited.

You may realise that you have sacrificed your hopes and dreams for a 'lost cause' and now you cannot choose which path to take. Duty or other commitments may prevent you from pursuing dreams, or you may feel like your life has been suspended in some way. Perhaps you feel as if you are waiting for things which may be out of your control to change so that your life may move along once again.