The Hanged Man

“The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar." -Jimi Hendrix

The Hanged Man represents a process of surrender and a sacrifice of things. A moment of pause suggests a sense of contemplation or a recap of your surroundings, but very often there is fear when you take a moment to stop. Surrender and Sacrifice form part of everyday life.

The situation is at a stalemate: there is no more room to move. Escape of any kind has become impossible. Your creative transformation and wisdom has momentarily gone to sleep. The Hanged Man is nailed to the wood of his petrified attitudes and viewpoints. His eyes are closed: he is blind to all which does not fit into the closed system of his concepts.

We feel particularly more stressed when we are forced to review or recap our decisions; the momentum has steadily come to a stop. This is our state of mind when we are subtly learning to surrender one particular aspect of viewpoint in exchange for another one. We are learning the natural laws of the universe by changing our perspective. Time is needed for reflection and contemplation when this happens.

This moment of “Time Out" is in fact a period of an apparent inertia or a spiritual pause in our own universe. We learn to embrace new concepts and allow aspects to fluctuate between all choices. Once we have absorbed all these new thoughts or ideas, we can emerge from our moment of Time Out with a fresh approach and regain motion. The Hanged Man allows us to process our development of our self-development.

In a sense, we see the Hanged Man also as a moment of stillness within so that we can find out what is going on in a deeper level. The stillness within is the spiritual realm in which the Hanged Man is focused on, what we are focused on.

Take some time out to consider who you are. Dig deeper and connect to your spiritual aspirations.

Remember the last time you really focused on your dream, where you reconsidered the last time you attempted to assess your current life path. See whether you feel you have achieved some of the things you aimed for - you are at the point where you can no longer avoid seeing naked realities. There is nothing left but to face up to them and let go.

This form of capitulation, the giving up of willfulness and frozen ideologies, leads to far-reaching transformation; breaking through rigid behavior patterns, clearing away old rubbish, full surrender to the higher Self, freedom from narrow-mindedness and dogma. One who bows willingly to the cosmic order of the Universe is able to become one with the flow of the Tao. "Not my will, but Thy Will be done; for Thy Will is also mine." The great reward for the deep surrender to the Whole is a one-hundred-eighty degree turn. The world can be seen from a new perspective!

Indications: It is now possible for you to recognize where you are stuck and which areas of your life are congealed rather than flowing. There is nothing to do. The mere act of perceiving your reality clearly makes transformation possible.

No big change is waltzing towards us - we can peacefully keep on hanging and complaining. The Hanged Man shows that we're just 'hanging'. He requires a new viewpoint, and sometimes a lot of patience

Time out, be the change you want to be.

Recognize your Higher Self. This journey of the spirit is achieved, step by step, moment by moment. We will always be surrendering things along the way and we will always need to be open to input from a higher Source from within - new concepts, new pages to be written in the book of life.

When you are out of balance: You may feel that you have no balance or control. Standing still is seen as rejection and loss of perspective.

Medicine: Overcome the ego reactions and the triggers that throw you out of balance. Breath deeply and step away for a brief moment to see what the deeper meanings are, that rejection might not be a bad thing further down the road. Accept the path forward, that one thing is inevitable - change is a continuation of Spiritual life and the physical aspects thereof.

Affirmation: I pause and I see differently.