The Empress

The Empress shows up to bring forth affirmations that all is well. She is deeply connected to the power of Mother Earth and speaks to new beginnings, abundance, growth, and balance.

The Empress is asking you to connect to both the beauty of nature and the beauty within yourself. This card is filled with love, nourishment, and wisdom. You are being required to look inside yourself for the answers you seek, and to trust in your wisdom, trust in your truth.

Self-expression and creativity are rising to surface, asking you to tune in and turn up your intuitive voice. You have an inner knowing - we all do. The Empress is calling for inner balance. This is a time to get in touch with the masculine and the feminine aspects inside of you, trusting in them, and restoring their balance. Create space, step back and assess your intuition before reacting.

Choose a space of love and see the beauty in it all. Understand that even current obstacles are actually opportunities for growth. Nourish the peace inside yourself and remember that there is nothing that can shake you unless you decide to let yourself be shaken.

Abundance is your natural state of being. The Empress knows this and is spreading the bounty to you. There is no such thing as scarcity. See all that you have, feed the gratitude and release the worry. When you allow yourself to live inside the idea that you truly have everything you need and more, now and always, then you raise your vibration which ultimately calls in more of the same. Like attracts like. Use the power that resides in you to create the life you want.

Focus on your connection to this world, the earth, and your source. It is in this connection that your path will unfold before your eyes with 'effortless effort'. This is a new dawn, a gentle way of being; release struggle, step in flow. Your life is by design, your thoughts create, you are the architect of it all. What will you cultivate?

There is a motherly aspect to this card, as well. This is a call for love and nurturing for yourself and all those around you, to see the light inside yourself and see that this light also shines in everyone and everything. Find the love within you, be the love, and spread the love all around!

Take time to get in nature: a forest, the beach, somewhere that soothes your soul on the deepest level. Let yourself be recharged and renewed by the deliciousness of the natural world. Let it ground you on your path.

This is a new chapter, a blank page waiting for you to create the life you want. You are surrounded by all the angels; call on them, they are here to support you in every way possible. Open yourself to receive all the abundance of the universe, and know you have everything you need within you.

Today's Meditation:

Find a sweet sacred space outside, somewhere you feel the beauty surround you and fill you. Sit or lie down on the ground, get comfortable. Imagine that you have roots drawing out of the base of your spine, moving into the earth. Imagine they are moving all the way through to the center of the earth, the Gaia, connecting. All the amazing mother earth energy begins to move up your roots, filling you, renewing you, reminding you.

Stay here for as long as you can and enjoy the way it feels. When you are ready draw up your roots, they are drenched in all her goodness. Carry this with you, feel your connection to the beauty of it all. You are a beautiful soul; live the abundant life you came here to live!