The Empress

Perhaps we think of a woman in charge when we hear of the Empress. Actually, she is more of a divine flow of feminine energy made into human form. Her heart, soul, body and emotions bring us back to a world run by the waves of femininity.

In some cultures, and historic times, the Empress energy was natural and revered. In many of today's cultures, she is repressed. The Empress archetype takes no heed of this repression.

She is fully in bloom with feminine essence. She is at ease with herself. She seeks no identity or applause for she is filled to capacity with all she is.

The Empress is not self-conscious. She is at home in her body, feelings, and spiritual waves of powerful beauty. She joins with gardens and animals in delightful embodiment. She experiences self and life as spring in peak.

Are you feeling you are enough? Filled with life? Deeply harmonized with nature? Content with yourself? If "yes", you are embodying the Empress. If "no", are you longing for permission to do so? Permission is granted.

Are you generating your essence of heart and soul into everyone and everything without thinking about it? You are so natural at your gifts that being yourself is enough!

This card encourages you to be just as you are. You are a breath of fresh air, turning societal lines and rules back into the spontaneous movement of seasons, ocean waves and flowing emotion. Your presence is like music.

If you deny the call to embody the Empress, you are denying the depth of your feminine power. You are conforming to the male archetype instead of letting yourself be who you really are. You are trying to fit in rather than adding the gifts of your genuine ways to the growth of universal femininity.

Allow the ease of your authentic feminine nature to return. If this brings up layers of grief, sorrow and disappointment, know you are unraveling on behalf of many. The Empress allows her full flow of feeling to move through her body. Allow your tears and laughter to pour out when needed.

The fullness of feminine emotional flow, menstrual flow, and spiritual flow isn't honored in many societies. Honor yourself. Honor women. Honor the women aspect in men. You do this authentically and with ease.

The feminine richness is like a flavor of forest or flower. This forever-changing and shifting melody is life fully experienced.


Where does nature begin and end?

Where do the stars begin and end?

Where do the elements begin and end?

Where do I begin and end?

How are we all part of one?


Meditate in a garden you enjoy, the forest when possible, and the ocean when you can.