The Empress

The Empress shows the birth of something in your life, whether it be a relationship, business or even a child.

She represents fertility and also sexual desirability, particularly for a woman. She can also represent your own mother, or a mother figure - someone who is kind, caring and helps to guide you through life. She is the matriarch and when she appears in a spread she brings a nurturing energy. You are supported, protected and loved.

In a love reading your relationship is fertile, loving and passionate. Enjoy this lovely, passionate time.

If you are hoping to conceive a child, now is the time to try. If you do not want children then perhaps you need to take some extra precautions!

In a business/career reading things are about to take off. The hard work you've put in is about to be rewarded. This could indicate a pay rise, promotion, or profits coming in from a recent project.

If you've been worrying about finances, let it go, finances are going to fine. As children we leave our caregivers to deal with finances. When the Empress appears it is a sign that things will work out in your favour because she has your back.