The Empress

The Empress is the ultimate representation of Divine Feminine energy. Nurturing, loving, and empathic, when she shows up in your reading, it's confirmation that you're on the cusp of success and abundance.

Often depicted as being pregnant, the Empress indicates the nurturing and birthing of inspirational new ideas. She represents the need to bring our visions down to Earth, where they can take form and flourish.

The Empress is also a reminder to spend time in nature where we can replenish our energy levels. By grounding and connecting with Mother Nature, we become capable of birthing new ideas from a place of inspiration and wholeness.

General Readings

When you receive the Empress in a general reading, it's a sign that you're on the right path. That new idea you have, that new business you're building, that long-held dream you've decided to pursue: the outlook is very positive! Continue to nurture your vision and bring it to life!


If you receive the Empress in a love reading, it's an extremely positive sign that you've found a keeper! This energy represents someone who is loving, caring, and nurturing. On top of that, the person or relationship in question is also likely to be extremely stable and committed. In certain cases, the Empress has also been known to predict pregnancy!


If you receive the Empress in a career reading, this indicates that your work life is looking very positive! You're likely feeling more creative and inspired than usual, and because of that, abundance is incoming. Make sure to nurture any new ideas you have during this time.

Negative Aspects

When the Empress shows up in your reading with negative aspects, it's usually a sign of internal disharmony and creative blocks. If you've been feeling overwhelmed or disconnected, this is your sign to spend time reconnecting with Mother Nature.

Spend time outdoors to get your creative juices flowing again. Dance, sing, paint, create; do whatever it takes to reawaken your Divine Feminine energy.