The Empress

The Empress is a very giving woman. She is kind, caring and nurturing to those around her.

Often times, this card comes up with a mother, as the Empress is all about mothering others.

The question arises, at what point do you begin nurturing yourself? Because sometimes you have to take better care of yourself to be able to keep giving to others.

If you find yourself answering this question along the lines of you are giving so much there is nothing left for you, then it's time to rethink your position.

You tend to be overly good at taking care of the needs of others. You may be a mother, carer or overly concerned with those around you. At times this can be taxing because the energy you expend needs to be replenished. If you are not taking care of yourself, then who is?

The Empress is a remarkable woman, in that she finds and sees the beauty in all around her. She is non-judgmental, fair and impartial. There is a quality about her that has others flocking to her side in an effort to bask in the loving care she spontaneously gives out.

Whilst some people can sustain giving for long periods of time, as the loving rewards are great, others need to balance their need to give so that they don't become "burnt out". If you find yourself giving to the point where you are exhausted, take some time to yourself, and give all of that loving energy back to you.

This way you'll have more to share around when you choose.