The Emperor

The Emperor stands for worldly success. When he turns up in your spread it shows that you have control of the situation and you are in charge. However, just because someone is in a position of control, it doesn't mean they have the energy of the Emperor.

Like a benign father the Emperor likes to control, but in a loving, caring way. There is a big difference between the energy of the Emperor and the energy of someone who likes to manipulate people and situations.

In a love reading the Emperor can indicate a very significant man in your life. We've gone beyond first romance and this person is a part of your everyday life, perhaps someone you will marry and build a family together.

This is someone who can be a little dominant at times but also gives you love, support and security. It can show that you are attracted to strong, dynamic individuals who have made a success in the material world.

In a business reading, you're flying high. You're a success, you've made it. Don't be egotistical and sit on your laurels though. Business Emperors have to work very hard to keep their empire together.

In a career reading the help and assistance of your boss will be invaluable in furthering your career. You may even be promoted to a position of greater authority – use this authority wisely.